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St. Timothy Lutheran Church & Schools encompasses five acres of land at the southwest corner of Arbor & Woodruff in Lakewood, California. The property was acquired in the early 1950s, coinciding with Lakewood’s incorporation as the nation’s first planned community.
Three buildings were constructed immediately: a church, a parsonage home for the Pastor and his family, and a detached garage for the Pastor’s car. As the community & congregation grew, so did the need for a larger worship space. In 1960, a larger church was built. The former worship building was repurposed as a parish hall and church library. Two more buildings were soon added: a single-story classroom building (Katie Hall) and a two-story administration/classroom building. Another two-story classroom building (Luther Hall) was completed in 1997.
Infant classrooms are currently located on the lower floor of the Administration Building. The toddler classroom occupies the building once used as the Pastor’s garage. Our 2- and 3-year-old classes are housed in the old parsonage. Pre-K classes use Katie Hall. The school libraries are located on the Administration Building’s second floor. The Pre-K computer lab and enrichment classroom are located in Luther Hall. Elementary Summer Camp meets also meets in Luther Hall.